Before you begin
It is important at this point to assemble a good group. Whether you advertise on the forums or drag your guildies out of space, they must be committed and willing to spend 4 hours having the best fun the game has to offer. Assemble everyone at the Smugglers Cantina on Endor, and make sure no-one has buffs.
People to bring:
Tanks: Any master elite brawler will work as a tank. Do not use your Scythes down there unless its an absolute emergency (and you need to deal out as much damage as possible). Bring a cheap weapon you can tank with.
Commados: They do the major damage down there, flamers and acid weapons are good to use, burns on the Super Battle Droids are holy.
Bounty Hunters: LLCs can deal out good damage on the SBD's who only have 25% resistance
Ranged: Riflemen can hit hard, others not so much. Useful mainly for applying states on the respective targets
Doctors: Absolutely essential, bring your best heals and lots of rez kits.
Combat Medics: Very very useful if you can find one, mind heals are a godsend and area heals work wonders against Death Watch area attacks.
Master Droid Engineer: Essential to gain access to the Jetpack crafting room.
Master Artisan: Essential to craft the Jetpack itself.
Entertainer: Essential for mind buffs, but do not inconvenience the Ent until you are absolutely ready to go.
Jedi: Thought I'd forgotten you? Not likely =) Hook up as many Jedi as you can, the lightsabers truly make very short work of anything you find down there, and at coning spots you will certainly start to worship them. Be extremely careful as Jedi are very prone down there are death is a very likely event for Jedi. Bear that in mind if you're worried about lost XP.
Things to bring:
Armour: 80% kinetic is essential, anything higher is bonus. Energy resistances or a PSG can come in helpful when the Battle Droids swap to ranged.
Foods: Brandy, Ahrisa, Canape essential. Vercupti and Synthsteak/Exo Proteins helpful. Commandos will want to bring Snow Cake. Jedi will definitely want Synthsteak and possibly consider Flameouts.
Spices: Muon and Pixie are the things to look out for... remember to watch the downer.
Weapons: Tankers should bring low level cheap weapons, Jedi,Commandos,BHs bring your best and hardest hitting stuff. Riflemen, DXR time, not for use on Death Watch though.
Stims: Anyone with medic should bring a suitable supply of the best stims they can handle, Docs and CM's will know what they need.
Buffs: Go for duration more than power, you'll need a good 3hrs 30minutes to do this at a breathable pace.
Jetpack Parts
These are looted either from the chest at the start of the DWB or from random Black Sun spawns on Yavin and Endor: Ducted Fan, Injector Tank, Fuel Dispersion Unit.
The Jetpack Base is only lootable off random spawns of Black Sun
The Jetpack Stabilizer is looted off the Overlord in {MapPoint 31}
The Alum Mineral is a reward for completing the Foremans Quest {MapPoint30} Your Droid Engineer will also require a piece of Bounty Hunter Armour (HELMET OR BRACER ONLY) to get into the forge itself.
Mandalorian Parts
Everyone at some point tells me they'd "love to have some mando". Wouldn't we all? This is what you'll need to get it:
Bounty Hunter Armour piece. Drops off random Black Sun spawns on Yavin. A buff session should get you a few pieces, my fav spots are the two small mountains north and north east of the Geo Caves.
The Alum Mineral is the same as the one required for a Jetpack, reward from doing the foremans quest.
Binary Liquid and Protective Liquid Coating are both loots off Death Watch NPC's in the DWB. Has been known to drop off Bloodguards. There is a way to solo your way into the First Room (Rageon's), but thats limited to your template. PM me if you want a quick breakdown.
The Beginning
So you're all kitted out better than an Everest scaling team. Thats good. Once your team is formed up, head out to the Bunker itself. If you do not know where it is, you shouldn't be going, but for reference, its -4692 4344 in the NW of Endor. Only one member of the group needs to have spoken to Boba Fett and they will have to punch the switch at the very start to gain access for the entire group.
But before you go in, set up a camp roughly 300-400m away, anywhere after you've gone through the "lag wall". Have your entertainer start their music and make sure everyone is listening. At this point run through the rules of the raid and ensure everyone knows whats happening. Remind people to put on armour. Use cheap weapons. Check stims, check foods, check spice. Once the music buff is done, start the dance buff. Once the dance buff is done, get the Ent to start the music again, but this time DO NOT /stoplisten. You will then have it saved up so 2hrs into the raid you can type /stoplisten and you will get a second mind buff. At this point your Docs should have started their Havla rounds with buffs. Once everyone is buffed up, start moving towards the bunker. Remind them of the "DWB Rules"
The DWB Rules
Everyone will come up with their own rules, but I have my standard rules
1) Follow the Leader
2) No Area Attacks - thats no Spin, Cone, Strafe, Flurry, Warcry or WookieeRoar
3) Take the corners tight and stay together
4) Touch Nothing
5) Only one person loots --> assign this person before you go in, so nobody gets confused.
6) Follow the Leader
These rules will keep your group focused on the task and keep you from agroing extra mobs.
The Entrance
Upon the start of the DWB, you will want to hug the right wall, as you decend down {MapPoint1}. Hit the switch at {MapPoint2} to give your entire group access to the DWB. Proceed through without agroing the Battle Droids. Continue down the green ramp and meet your first SBD. Set your tanks on it and make sure you assign someone to clean up the Black Sun.
Once the SBD goes down, proceed quickly to the next room where there will be 4 Battle Droids. Have a tank take one BD each and have the rest of the group concentrate on one at a time. Once they are dispatched move quickly into the large room and get everyone into the pit. Please don't destroy the droids, they're completely harmless and really quite lovable.
Rageon Vart
Hit the switch at {MapPoint4} and wait a little while. Your first DW friends will turn up. Deal with them and soon a DW called Rageon Vart will show up. Kill him and loot his key. Use the key on the terminal and move on.
At this point you may move to the medical facility {MapPoint6} or battery cleaning droid {MapPoint5} for the Foreman Quests, its straightforward enough, just make sure you walk past the BDs and hug the walls, they should ignore you. Resist the temptation to tap them on the shoulder.
Carry on down the long yellow corridor and do not stop until you are at {MapPoint7}. Bring all your agros with you and deal with the there. Once they have been dealth with move to the opposite corridor, the one that heads towards {MapPoint11} and {MapPoint12}. Stop at the last corner before the ramp going downwards and dispatch the BD and SBDs that you have picked up.
Klin Nif
Upon entering {MapPoint11}, assign a tank to the SBD that awaits. Instruct everyone NOT to touch the Coal Bin, it will only bring more SBDs upon you. Walk through the door towards {MapPoint9} and hit the switch that is there. That will agro the 2 SBDs that guard it. Bring them back and assign a tank to each. DO NOT DESTROY THEM YET.
By this point, a few DW will have spawned in the middle of that large room. Hit them with a ranged weapon and coax them into {MapPoint11}. Have your group descend upon them like thunder. This will spawn more DW in that room, and you simply bring them in. After two waves, a DW by the name of Klin Nif should show his face. Bring him in and end him. Loot him for the key and use the key on {MapPoint9}. Then despatch of the SBDs in reverse order (the original {MapPoint12} SBD being the last.
The Fishtank
The next room is hit-or-miss, you can try to walk slowly past everything and down the ramps, but inevitably someone will agro something on the top floor. So your best option is to engage the top level BDs and DW immediately, and proceed slowly down the ramp after.
Once you hit the second ramp, you will see an SBD downstairs. It is impossible to sneak past that one so once you're onto that second ramp peg it into the glass "Fishtank". Move all the way down to where a large fuel-drum-like object is, and kill anything you've agroed there. This is a good spot to take a short rest, you may find your Brandy's wearing out at this point.
Fenri Dalso
Proceeding along the corridor, take the left (following the yellow on the map) to {MapPoint22}. Here you will want to bunch everyone up as tight as you can in that little space between the two intersecting corridors. This is what we affectionately call "the box". Whilst you're friends take down the SBD,make your way along {MapPoint23} and walk past the two BDs on your right. Continue walking to {MapPoint24} and, avoiding the SBD at the end, flick that switch. Make your way back, by which time a whole load (6) of DW will have spawned.
This is one of the hardest parts of the DWB. You MUST not use any spin attacks as you will inadvertantly trigger 3 SBDs, who would not make good company at this point. Have another member of your group shout out targets to concentrate on while you are returning from {MapPoint24}. AT THIS POINT (AND THIS POINT ONLY) YOU MAY HAVE YOUR JEDI AND COMMANDOS CONE FROM {MapPoint22} towards {MapPoint23}. This will greatly increase damage output BUT MAKE SURE THE JEDI STAY A SFE DISTANCE AWAY. The DW are capable of spin attacks and one hit will take a Jedi Knight down.
After a little while, a DW calling himself Fenri Dalso will turn up. Leave him for last and once he's dead, loot him for the key. Take the key back to {MapPoint24} (be careful not to agro the BDs along the way) and unlock the door to the mines.
The Mines: The Foreman
Head through {MapPoint22} and into the mines. You will want to run nonstop all the way to {MapPoint30}. Do not worry about Alum Poisoning, it will not harm anyone whos buffed, and you cannot get incapped by it. At {MapPoint30} bring all your agros into the little corner at the end and have your Jedi and Commandos again cone into that area. Assign one or two melee's to rat duty, as they deal out a fair amount of damage. DO NOT TALK TO THE FOREMAN YET.
Once everything has died and all is quiet, you may take a short break here. If anyone has previously completed the Foremans quest, they are granted a free Alum Mineral every 3 days. Cash that first. Then you may have others start talking to the Foreman. You will then be given the task of seeking out Haldo.
The Mines: Haldo
Haldo is a name you will grow to hate. He has gone a little crazy, and you will find him in any one of three spots (that I know of). He will either be at {MapPoint32}, the small mines-room with a white blob in the middle by {MapPoint18} (see map), or the smallest outcropping of mines near {MapPoint35}. Its easiest to just /tar Haldo and then work it out from there. Once you reach him, attack him and he will come to his senses. Have your relative people /peace and chat to him. Depending on where you are in the quest, he will give you different answers. You will probably want to move on to the Overlord now.
The Mines: The Death Watch Overlord
The Overlord lives at {MapPoint31}. If you follow the map directly north of this position, you will find a small outcropping. This place is ideal for accumulating agros and coning into the corner. be careful not to cone into the next corridor or you'll have mine rats swarm you. Once you are rested, have a ranged attacked attack the Overlord and drag him to your position. The Overlord is not harder than anything you have faced so far so feel free to /dance, /snog or /hot the Overlord whilst his demise is in progress. When he falls, remember to loot the Jetpack Stabilizer. At this point you may want to try and forward your Foreman quest, or you may want to go on to the Jetpack. If you wish to continue the quest, check the end for the quick guide to the Foremans Quest.
The Mines: The Jetpack
So this is it, the Jetpack. Make your way towards {MapPoint34}, taking your time and stopping to kill any agros, When you reach that last bit of mines, cone into the corner anything that you've picked up. Then have your DE open the door, and everyone pile in. Go to the first floor where you will find a Jetpack Crafting Droid. Your Master Artisan will have to feed the components in one at a time. But there is a catch. DW will spawn as soon as you put the first part in, so be alert and DO NOT LET YOUR ARTISAN GET HIT. After a while, and after several "Continue" boxes, you'll get chucked out of the DWB to the entrance, hopefully with a Jetpack deed in your inventory.
Mandalorian Armour
If you're here for the armour and not the Jetpack, you're route will be slightly different. Consult the map to check which room you need to head for. Once in there, use the crafting terminal to check, and it should give you the message "The Terminal is displaying numbers and images. It is not ready for input at this time". You'll need to then drag and drop each part for the armour into the little Crafting Droid thats sitting next to the terminal. As each piece goes in you'll get a system message that tells you which pieces are still required. Once all the pieces are in, you will get the message that the crafting process is underway. You'll then have the airing and solidifying process pop-up messages, just click away. Eventually, you'll have your Mandalorian piece plonked unceremoniously into your inventory. At this point you (and you alone) will be ejected to the Death Watch Bunker entrace. Once the room deadline timer (10mins from unlocking of door) runs out your team will join you outside.
The Foremans quest is made up of several stages:
1) Talk to the Foreman {MapPoint30} to gain quest. Go find and speak to Haldo
2) Go to the Medical Facility {MapPoint6} and get the Cure
3) Take the Cure to Haldo. Get a dirty battery in return.
4) Take the battery to the Foreman, who tells you to clean it.
5) Take the dirty battery to the droid at {MapPoint5} who will swap it for a clean one.
6) Take the clean battery to the Foreman, who tells you to set the water pumps.
7) Go to the Water Pumps {MapPoint13-16} and set them.
8) Return to the Foreman and claim your Alum Minerals.
Fun, no?
For the Imperials, you simply kill the Overlord that lives at {MapPoint28}. Loot him and you're done. He also drops a Jetpack Stabilizer (has dropped a set of six once!!!). For the Rebels, go to {MapPoint29}, where you will be told to rescue a guy, who is at {MapPoint7}. What happens after that I do not know (never bothered trying)
Thats pretty much all there is to this most wonderful of bunkers, I hope that this little guide (written up in 3 parts over 2 days to a total time of about 1hr10mins) has been helpful and helps creates more Jetpacks for all.