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 Upcominng Courses 

Training Session Date Time (UTC) Instructor
Academy Week 27 Nov - 04 Dec announced on discord All

  ~ Please check the Academy discord channel for possible training times ~


Callsign Role Main Ship Type Specialization
Pixel   Academy Director Bomber Fleet Battle tactics
Cap Ship Attack
Ares Academy Assistant Director Fighter Dogfighting Flight Skills and Tactics
Vianna Academy Instructor Fighter PM & Shunting and Evasion
Spoonman Assistant Instructor Fighter Plastburst, Dogfight
Hawk Assistant Instructor Interceptor Basics, Shunting, Technical Help

~ Derriam Mereel - Emeritus Instructor ~

Only the Academy Instructors can uprade your wings and evaluate your skill level.

The Assistant Instructors can help with control settings, give basic help with the shunt charging / apm - can do basic trainings but not promote wings.

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Contact: Academy Director Pixel


Education Materials

Titel Link & Format
 Fleet Battle Tutorial Part 1: Basics Audio
Fleet Battle Tutorial Part 2: Loadouts and further Strategies Video
Fleet Battle Tutorial Part 3: Attacking the Capital Ships Video


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