1. Introduction

Every organization needs rules of some sort and gaming organizations are no exception. Please familiarize yourself with the following community standards.

This list covers most common situations, but is by no means exhaustive, and each specific gaming division within the NRN may have its own specific rules. Look on the division website or ask your commanding officer for rules specific to the games you play.

The NRN is based on a loose military structure meaning every member holds a rank – however our main purpose is to have fun and to find friends. Be polite and show respect to the higher ranks. If you feel treated unfairly please contact the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA).


  1. The NRN Code of Conduct (CoC):


“No NRN member is to mock, put down, belittle or bully another person.”

No matter what is or was said, we do not want the NRN to stoop down to the level of making fun of people to feel good. A mature attitude is a requirement to stay in the NRN.

If you are a victim of abuse or trolling by another member or someone on our server or website, take a screenshot to report the behavior. You may report this to your C.O. or X.O. or any of the positions named below this list.


“Be courteous and observe good sportsmanship at all times.”

The key to long lasting guilds is friendship and respect given even your enemies. NRN enjoys a good reputation because we care about healthy player environments.


“Be respectful of all people and mindful of political, ethnic, gender, and religious differences.”

Being an International guild we have members coming from all sorts of backgrounds. All NRN members, no matter what their beliefs or backgrounds, are of equal dignity.

People often play games to forget about Real Life, so please avoid political or religious topics that could cause discord. These topics are fine in off-topic forums if conducted respectfully, or in personal conversations only if all agree.


“Do not post or discuss explicit, obscene or offensive material.”

NRN has members from all ages and members with children nearby when they are online. Some content on the Internet is not suitable for children or would be considered offensive by many. Please use discretion when talking or posting within the NRN forums, servers or other mediums of communication.

This includes voice chat. While we all utter some choice words from time to time, please be mindful of your language to be considerate of others who may have children present or just do not want to hear a lot of profanity.

“No cheating.”

The NRN is a well-known and respected gaming community and we want to keep this status.

“No Double-clanning.”

You can only be in the NRN and no other group/clan/fleet for all of the games that NRN officially plays, except for Star Citizen. The only exception is if you play the game with another clan before NRN adopted it.

The NRN Supports International Copyright Laws.”

The NRN does not condone the use of pirated software and services. Committing acts of software or media piracy and/or discussing such acts may result in the cancellation of your membership.

Violations of these rules may result in a member being warned or kicked. If a warning is not heeded or the violation is serious enough the Admirals will decide on appropriate disciplinary action.

If there are any problems to report, check fleet website and contact your division DIA officer, your division Commanding Officer, or an Admiral.

-Dec. 5th, 2020