I. Introduction

Before you get started, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules.

Although we have tried to cover most rules, these rules are by no means exhaustive, and each specific gaming division within the NRN will have its own specific rules. Make sure you’re aware of the rules specific to the games you play.

The NRN is based on a loose military structure meaning every member holds a rank - still this is a place to have fun and to find friends. Be polite and show respect to the higher ranks. If you feel treated unfair please contact the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA).

The NRN is an ‘Online Gaming Club’ established long ago with roots in old X-Wing Series based Star Wars games (Battlestats Awards), we have grown to support a wide range of games and genres since that time.

II. The NRN Code of Conduct (CoC): 

“No NRN member is to mock, putdown, belittle or bully another person”

No matter what is or was said, we do not want the NRN to stoop down to the level of making fun of people to feel good. A mature attitude is a requirement to stay in the NRN.

“Be courteous and observe good ‘sportsmanship’ at all times”

When playing games, be polite.

“Do not post or discuss explicit, obscene or offensive material”

NRN is a Gaming Club for all nationalities and all ages. Some content on the Internet is not suitable for children or would be considered offensive. Please use discretion when talking or posting within the NRN forums, servers or other mediums of communication.

“The NRN Supports International Copyright Laws”

The NRN does not condone the use of pirated software and services. Committing acts of software or media piracy and/or discussing such acts may result in the cancellation of your membership.


Further rules:

No cheating: The NRN is a well known and honoured gaming community and we want to keep this status.

No Doubleclanning: You can only be in the NRN and no other group/clan/fleet for all of the games that NRN plays. The only exception is if you play the game with another clan before NRN adopted it.

Behavior: The NRN follows the universal netiquette. Be polite, do not impersonate members, only one account is allowed (needs to be fitting to your ingame-name).

The official NRN greeting is *S* (Salute).

Violations of these rules may result in a member being warned or kicked. If a warning is not heeded or is deemed serious enough the Admirals will decide on appropriate disciplinary action. If there are any problems to report, go to the main page and contact your divisions DIA officer, an admiral or your commanding officer. 
-Feb. 05th, 2011