The New Republic Navy welcomes pilots of all ages, nationalities, and skill levels. We have always offered training to help our pilots improve and be the best they can be. In an effort to encourage higher levels of play while still welcoming all levels of play, we have instituted “Wings” as a way of grading skills and providing goals for improvement. The following is a basic guide to our Wing grades for the game of Star Wars Squadrons. 


No Wings - These pilots have either just started flying Squadrons or they have not flown many games with NRN yet. They may still be learning basic controls and how to navigate the game modes. More experienced NRN members are happy to help introduce them to Squadrons strategy and technique. [Roughly 10% of our pilots will be in this grade as we actively recruit. Those who keep training will earn their Wings.]

Pewter Wings - These pilots have demonstrated a basic command of Squadrons controls and user interface, as well as Discord for communication with others. They are beginning to understand basic strategy. In the future they will have read and understood our basic training documents when those are published. [Roughly 10% of our pilots will be in this grade.]

Pewter/Copper - A grade between Pewter and Copper; Pewter wings with a Copper core / Republic logo. Represents progress in training to improve. [Roughly 15% of our pilots will be in this grade.]

Copper Wings - These pilots have developed into mid-tier pilots capable of both good offense and good defense and evasion. This is a realistic wing grade describing a good pilot, with quite a bit of variation within this grade. [Roughly 25% of our pilots will be in this Copper grade, representing an average skill level for the NRN, and above average for the general public.]

Copper/Silver - A grade between Copper and Silver; Copper wings with a Silver core / Republic logo. [Roughly 15% of our pilots will be in this grade, decidedly above average skill within NRN.]

Silver Wings - These pilots are among the best *in the NRN.* They are very strong pilots who change the balance of the team they are on. Proficient in drifting, able to kill in a variety of ways and survive as necessary. [Roughly 10% of our pilots will be in this particular grade.]

Silver/Gold - A grade between Silver and Gold; Silver wings with a Gold core / Republic logo. These pilots have acquired both excellent skill and deep understanding of the game. [Roughly 10% of our pilots will be in this grade.]


Gold Wings - These pilots are among the best *in the game of Squadrons.* They have a reputation outside of the NRN as strong pilots in competitive circles. Have all the above attributes with top-level execution. [Roughly 5% of our pilots may be in this grade, as we train and improve.]