Events starts - ends Scoreboard
NRN Squads Wars I 2020/11/07 - 2020/11/14 SW I spreadsheet
NRN Squad Wars II 2020/11/28 - 2020/12/05 SW II spreadsheet 
NRN Squad Wars III 2020/12/26 - 2021/01/02 SW III spreadsheet
NRN Squad Wars IV 2021/01/16 - 2021/01/24 SW IV spreadsheet
Skirmish vs RS & MH 2020/01/30  
NRN 1v1 Tourney 2020/02/06  
NRN Squad Wars V 2021/02/13 - 2021/02/20 SW V spreadsheet 
NRN 2v2 Tourney 2020/02/27  
Skirmish vs Imp. Navy 2020/03/06  
NRN Squad Wars VI 2021/03/13 - 2021/03/20 SW VI spreadsheet 
Skirmish vs EH & NiWi 2020/04/03  
Week of War 0 2021/04/09 - 2021/04/16  
NRN Squad Wars VII 2021/04/24 - 2021/05/01 SW VII spreadsheet 
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Skirmish vs TFA 2020/05/08  
NRN Squad War VIII 2021/05/14 - 2021/05/21 SW VIII spreadsheet 
Statistics Dashboard 
Week of War I 2021/05/28 - 2021/06/05  
Fleet Champions League 2021/06/05 - 2021/07/24  
NRN Squad War IX 2021/06/18 - 2021/06/26 SW IX spreadsheet 
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Week of War II 2021/07/02 - 2021/07/10  
NRN Squad War X 2021/07/16 - 2021/07/24 SW X spreadsheet 
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NRN Academy Week 2021/08/13 - 2021/08/20  
Week of War III 2021/08/27 - 2021/09/04  
Squad Wars XI 2021/09/03 - 2021/09/18  


Squadrons Division Command Staff

Callsign Rank Position
Heathcliff  Rear Admiral Squadrons Division Commander
RascalV  Vice Admiral Defender Wing Commander
Unmei Flag Captain Avenger Wing Commander
Tycho Celchu Captain Raptor Wing Commander
Hawk Commodore Division Executive Assistant
Pixel Flag Captain Academy Director, Rogue Alpha Leader
Sake Captain Rogue Omega Leader

Defender Wing


Rebel's Wrath

Squad Wars Victories = 3
Callsign Rank Position Wings Timezone
RascalV  Vice-Admiral  RW C.O.
Defender Wing Commander
Ares  Lieutenant  X.O. Central
ChefReid  Ensign  X.A. Pacific
Godzilak  Flag.Captain  F.L. Eastern
RedDogg  Chief Flight Officer  F.L. Central
Mand'alor  Chief Flight Officer  F.L.  Alaska
Reiki  Chief Flight Officer  Pilot   Mountain
JDRipper  Flight Officer  Pilot Central
EdiAk  Pilot 1st Class  Pilot  GMT+10
WarperJawa  Flight Officer  Pilot Central
Hitman_txs  Chief Cadet  Pilot Central
EchoChaser  Chief Cadet  Pilot  Central
SirSquatsonJar  Cadet  Pilot  Mountain
Swifter46ter  Cadet  Pilot  Mountain
ZeBlazedReaper  Recruit  Pilot  Central


Gold Squadron

Squad Wars Victories = 0
Callsign Rank Position Wings Timezone
Faboert  Sublieutenant  Gold C.O. Eastern
RDMonz  Ensign  X.O. Central
 Nwash Master Chief Flight Officer F.L.   Central
Halfaship Master Chief Flight Officer F.L. Norway flag icon - Country flags GMT+1
Coldwine  Pilot 3rd Class  Pilot  GMT+1
Bekah  Pilot 2nd Class  Pilot  GMT+1
 WudULke2BAPpr2  Flight Officer  Pilot   Eastern
 Labbyz  Flight Officer  Pilot   Central
Silveronox  Chief Cadet  Pilot  GMT+1
 CoffeeJunky  Chief Cadet  Pilot   Central
 Kaidamur  Chief Cadet  Pilot   Central
 Mitch_Vader  Sr. Cadet  Pilot  GMT+1
 corruptedgun1  Recruit  Pilot     Eastern
 SeanTron  Chief Cadet  Pilot   Eastern
BlazingBarranger  Sr. Cadet  Pilot   Central
Ventus Eclipse  Recruit  Pilot   Central
graspyThranko  Recruit  Pilot   Central

Avenger Wing


Aces High Squadron

Squad Wars Victories = 6


Callsign Rank Position Wings Timezone
Unmei  Flag Captain  AHS C.O.
Avenger Wing Commander
Hawk  Commodore  AHS X.O.
Division X.A.
Pixel  Flag Captain  Academy Director
Rogue Alpha Leader
Sadie  Chief Flight Officer  F.L. Central
Vianna  Chief Flight Officer  F.L.  GMT-3
TimCierne  Pilot 2nd Class  Pilot GMT+1
Ulon  Pilot 2nd Class  Pilot  GMT+1
Gabbersaurus (Varx)  Pilot 1st Class  Pilot GMT
Tom  Chief Cadet  Pilot GMT 
Emiliano Zapata  Senior Cadet  Pilot Pacific
Unitedgamin8  Senior Cadet  Pilot  GMT
TGOPoma  Cadet  Pilot Central
jmacdavidson  Senior Cadet  Pilot Central
Panzer  Chief Cadet  F. L. Central
SickO (blurry)  Cadet  Pilot Central
Anzeos  Recruit  Pilot Eastern
Crab-tastic-Bob1  Recruit  Pilot   Eastern
POcta  Recruit  Pilot   Eastern


Wraith Squadron

Squad Wars Victories = 0
Callsign Rank Position Wings Timezone
Broken T.  Sr. Chief Flight Officer  WS C.O. GMT+1
Crom  Sr. Chief Flight Officer  X.O. GMT+1
ShivShiv3  Chief Flight Officer  X.A. GMT
Count Valsinats   Unranked   Pilot GMT
Rusty Rakuyo  Pilot 3rd Class  Pilot  GMT
HasmanC  Cadet  Pilot    GMT
SubtleSnake7  Cadet  Pilot    GMT
WolfLion_37  Senior Cadet  Pilot  GMT
Sir_Kuschelot  Pilot 2nd Class  Pilot GMT+1
 Zama  Cadet  Pilot Essential Service Application Portal for Coronavirus COVID-19 Lockdown |  Exporters Eastern Cape GMT+2
Necrozal  Recruit  Pilot    GMT
xeltil  Cadet  Pilot   Eastern
Kaje  Recruit  Pilot   Central
fabianjaeger  Chief Cadet  Pilot GMT+1
Bratfisch  Chief Cadet  Pilot GMT+1
Vansh-Marc  Recruit  Pilot Eastern

Raptor Wing


Knights of Alderaan

Squad Wars Victories = 2

Callsign Rank Position Wings Timezone
Tycho Celchu  Captain  KA C.O.Raptor Wing Commander Central 
Mr.Fuzz  Sublieutenant  X.O. Central
Comrade Doge Master Chief Flight Officer X.A. Central
Krakaboo Chief Flight Officer  Pilot Pacific
Jasran Endac  Sr. Flight Officer  Pilot Pacific
Bisonmini  Chief Flight Officer  Pilot Hawaii
Spectre12  Pilot 1st Class  Pilot Central
Oboewan  Pilot 2nd Class  Pilot Pacific
trix srirata  Pilot 2nd Class  Pilot Pacific
BanditLeader1138  Pilot 2nd Class  Pilot Pacific
Spoonman  Pilot 1st Class  Pilot   Eastern
ogarrah  Pilot 3rd Class  Pilot Pacific
rod409  Pilot 1st Class  Pilot Pacific
littlecuts88  Recruit  Pilot Pacific
Hawksniper  Recruit  Pilot   Eastern


Republic Raiders

 Squad Wars Victories = 1

Callsign Rank Position Wings Timezone
Sake  Captain   RR C.O.
Rogue Omega Leader
Amidog  Ensign  X.O. Eastern
Bucky O'Hare Sr. Chief Flight Officer  F.L. GMT
RapidoBreak Chief Flight Officer Pilot Flag of Denmark - Original GMT+1
Chaosphoenix28 Sr. Flight Officer  Pilot GMT+1
Dominus  Pilot 2nd Class  Pilot  GMT+1
ChPhGamer  Senior Flight Officer  Pilot  GMT+1
Grand  Unranked  Pilot  GMT+1
Fudgbot47  Unranked  Pilot  Eastern
XxViking95xX  Recruit  Pilot    Eastern
Ryan Lamont  Unranked  Pilot    Eastern
SamSoren  Pilot 1st Class  Pilot  Central
Brentrambo  Recruit  Pilot    Eastern
Vangroovy  Recruit  Pilot   Eastern
A2Minater  Recruit  Pilot Eastern



Veteran's Squadron

Squad Wars Victories = 0
Callsign Rank Position Wings Timezone
Heathcliff  Rear Admiral  Division C.O.Fleet X.A. Central
Das  Fleet Admiral  Fleet C.O. Eastern
Wes  Rear-Admiral  F.L.  Eastern
Soontir-Fel  Admiral  Fleet X.O.   GMT-8
Skylem  Admiral  Fleet D.C.O.   Eastern
Arnon  Rear-Admiral  Pilot    
QuickFox  Vice-Admiral  Pilot   GMT+1
Stargazer  Captain  Pilot Eastern
Hardtarget  Lt. Commander Pilot    
Crosshair Crisis  Recruit  Pilot  Eastern




Callsign Rank Unit Wings Timezone
AgentFelix13  Flight Officer  AHS Eastern 
Armardar  Cadet  AHS GMT
Bentyper  Sr. Cadet  AHS  GMT
Emon Azzameen  Chief Cadet  Pilot GMT
Fast Eddie  Ensign  AHS  
Ghocifer  Senior Cadet  AHS    GMT
Maestro  Pilot 2nd Class  AHS   GMT+1
Michael-Riker  Commodore  AHS   Eastern
Quattro  Pilot 3rd Class  AHS Central
Red (S-tech)  Cadet  AHS   Central
ScantillyClad  Cadet  AHS   Eastern 
Serinian  Senior Cadet  AHS   Eastern 
Ant_441st  Recruit  AHS   Central
TarvisDavidson  Chief Cadet  AHS   GMT +9
Derriam Mereel  Ensign  WS GMT
 Delga Nobrax  Cadet  WS   Central
Time_wizard  Cadet  WS     GMT
 Ariesac  Recruit  GS    GMT+1
 Derkeks  Recruit  GS    GMT+1
 Riolty  Cadet  GS    Central
Moon  Pilot 3rd Class  GS GMT+1
 Son of Comedy  Recruit  GS     Pacific
Tormey  Sr. Chief Flight Officer  GS Eastern
BigBoss86  Cadet  KA   Pacific
Packie  Sr. Cadet  KA   Pacific
Ground Turkey Pilot 3rd Class KA Central
Gaborriel  Cadet  KA   Costa Rica flag icon - Country flags Central
Zaboomerfoo  Sr. Cadet  KA   Pacific
TheGamingDino   Unranked   KA   Mountain
Bran_Turismo  Chief Cadet  KA Central
 CMMitchy  Sr. Cadet  KA Central
DarthTeufel  Cadet  KA Eastern
FourWindBadger  Captain  KA    
JFKExperience  Cadet  KA Central
Karuciel  Senior Cadet  KA Central
Mobius  Cadet  KA    
Mythik   KA    
 NyanBoneCrush  Sr. Cadet  KA    Pacific
rButters  Pilot 2nd Class  KA   Eastern
RLjohn   KA  
Roma-Starkiller  Flight Officer  KA    Pacific
ShuckedAeons  Pilot 2nd Class  KA Central
Toba'Nie Ardante  Pilot 1st Class  KA   Central
Totem  Cadet  KA Eastern
Wix  Lt.Commander  KA Central
Ari  Cadet  RW GMT+10
Jynxish  Pilot 3rd Class  Pilot    Alaska
mydogisbrutus  Cadet  Pilot    Pacific
Biggles19840  Cadet  RW   GMT+10
bjcallahan  Chief Cadet  RW  
Careless Turtle  Cadet  RW Eastern
mono  Chief Cadet  RW   Eastern
Phool (Jester)   Flight Officer  Pilot    Eastern
Silverwolf  Lieutenant  RW Central 
Telravin  Senior Cadet  RW Pacific
Tic_Tac_Toe_92  Senior Cadet  RW Central  
Wolfgang  Cadet  RW Eastern
Chrizz   Pilot 2nd Class  RR GMT+1
Fino   Ensign   RR  
GuiltySpark  Cadet  RR  Mountain
Gumper   RR    
Heriw  Captain  RR Eastern
JediKJ  Commander  RR    
Jarrec Sadow  Pilot 3rd Class  RR Eastern
JonathonJlol  Senior Flight Officer  RR Venezuela flag icon - Country flags Eastern
Monkey   Commander  RR GMT
Red Bird Pirate  Recruit  RR   GMT+1
Sammaster  Chief Cadet  RR  Central
Shatner  Sr. Cadet  RR Central
Supertadda  Chief Flt Officer  RR GMT+1
Tartaluca  Recruit  RR   GMT+1
 Wall   RR    
 Gavin   Flag.Captain  VS  
Raz23  Rear-Admiral  *S* Central
Reality  Flag.Captain  VS   Central

Updated 2021/09/26