Here you will find specific instructions and screenshot guided steps to help you register apply and communicate with the NRN members via this page and it's comlinks.


Step 1 - 1st Page and Register





After taken to the 1st registration page you can either login with an existing GuildLaunch account that you might have or create a new account (take in consideration that creating a new account might require you to have a valid email address and certain account activations can also be required), Proceed with the registration steps and Click Create Account.






After you filled in the required information you will be asked to join the NRN page or just visiting by meaning if you want to APPLY to NRN or not. Also note the private messages box on the upper right corner in case you apply to the NRN page you might get a private message asking you for more information and wyou will be required to answer them before being accepted.



Please also fill in our customized questions that only server for NRN's leadership determining who you are and what you joined for , please fill in the required data.



After being accpeted or when you wish to read your private messages this is how it might look like.



After the recruiting procedure is done please NOTE on the left side of the NRN page the NRN rules , READ them and understand them if you have any questions contact an admiral of NRN. Check out the ranking system and then go directly to the COMLINKS to access the forums section of the NRN Page. It is where you will find the games forums and several other message boards. YOur 1st forum should be the New REcruit Forum, you will find your own application posted there.



You will find your application accepted and looking like the following. Also note that you will also receive replies to your application welcoming you or giving you even more information. Feel free to ask any more questions there.



The NRN comlinks is divided into many sections, OUR games are separated into DIVISIONS each having their own forum and messaging boards. 2 Major groups called Star Wars Comlinks and Addon Games separate the original NRN games and later added games. Other boards also are available and might change in numbers over time. You need to pick the forums specific to your game you joined but remember to follow the posts in the Main forums as they may hold other NRN important information.




If you Wish to edit your profile name picture avatar signature click your name after loged in on the upper right corner.



After you managed to customize your profile you can also read more about the NRN page later.

In addition we will provide you with some notes and inform you of some features the page has, example on how to make a post how to set topic and examples are shown below.

That is an example window of a new post creation , note that the colored marks represent a function you can use.

The yellow marker section is used in case you want to quite somebody and want it to have a different appearance.

The green one specifies a CODE that you might want to show

THe Cyan marker represent the IMAGE button , the usage is standard forum like add the image link with the proper extensions png jpg etc and after selecting the image link press this button to make it a visible image on the forum.

THe pink marker allows you to add links to the post you want to create the usage is the same as for the images.

The red marker is the video embed code feature, you can embed several videos of several video sharing sites a listed below by adding the proper url and selecting the proper tag for it.