General Structure of the NRN


  • You may be assigned to view the High Council forum in special circumstances even though you do not meet the fleet criteria.


1:  Fleet Admiral:  NRN_Das

2.  Fleet XO:  NRN_Mother

3.  Fleet XA:  Soontir Fel

4.  JKA Div CO:  Yelsaber

5.  STO Div CO:  Arnon Peaton

6.  SWG Div CO: Skylem

7.  SWBF Div CO:  Rascalv

8.  SWTOR Div CO:  NRN_Das

9.  XWA Div CO:  NRN_Mother

10.  DIA CO:  Soontir Fel

11.  Personnel / Admissions CO:  Yelsaber


Admiralty:  Das, Mother, Fel, Yelsaber, Arnon, Rascalv, Straswa, Yrab