Chapter One. Assignment on Ambria Location: Ambria 

Could it get any hotter on this planet? Castin thought to himself and shuffled his shoulders. It was about one hundred degrees and he had a sixty-pound bag on him with explosives and other gear. Castin loved the mission but he hated the weather simply because he was wearing level three body armor and camo that weighed him down and didn’t breathe. The mission was simple, on a planet Ambria, an imperial training camp was discovered by spies and it was their job to go in and run it down with the help of wraith squadron, six wraiths on the ground along with six other GF operatives and six in the sky flying A-Wings and X-Wings would be our air support. Castins job was simple, sneak in place a heavy charge while his spotter Anakin kept a keen eye on him and the surroundings get out, go to another area set up an E-Web gun for heavy support and demolish the base and all resistance. Castin couldn’t have loved the operation any more than he did. This was life for him and he did it well. Anakin Wraith squadrons CO looked equally stressed by his fatigues. Castin made several movements with his hands and Anakin nodded and got his blaster out. Castin turned and started at a jog to the Command tower. They made it to a large boulder and stopped. “This is sliced to slicer how surveillance is over?” Castin whispered into the comm. Unit. “Slicer to Sliced surveillance is set on a ten minute repeater mode get in and get out so I can disengage it without causing trouble with our hosts over” a man on the other side replied probably a GF. “Roger slicer on the way.” Castin said. Castin made a gesture over to Anakin and they continued. They got to the building and Castin began to do his work. “Ok Castin work fast we got guards about one hundred yards and coming our way they may turn they may not hurry.” Anakin said. Castin took out a shovel and dug a hole as quick as he could and then pulled out a bag and started putting two clay-like substances in it with the label HE 5. Castin put the two in the bag and grabbed a wire with two needles and a timer on it and stuck them gently into the bag and into the explosive. “Guards fifty yards out they passed the last door they are coming let’s move.” Anakin said. Suddenly the bag made a whirring sound and then died. “What was that?” Anakin said. Castin made a look of confuse. “Dunno never did that before.” Castin replied. Castin giggled. “Just kidding, just a joke.” He said and a second later was followed with a slap to the back of the head. Castin quickly set the timer for t-5 minutes and buried the explosive and they got out. Fifteen seconds later Castin saw the guards walking by totally oblivious to how close they were walking to the explosive. Castin let out a sigh that explosive could have gone off if stepped on. Castin and Anakin got to the cover area where two E-Web guns were waiting to be loaded and used. They didn’t take their time setting them up on the nearby fallen tree. Anakin and Castin heard a noise behind them and turned around blasters at the ready. As they looked the rest of the insertion team were behind them. “Hey fellas, how are things going for you?” Ecnerwal asked. “We got the charge set for five minutes you guys can go ahead with the operation.” Castin said. Ecnerwal nodded and signaled his men and within seconds they were gone. Castin checked the time and got his weapon rested firmly on his shoulders. Just as expected three groups of troopers came by with the commanders in front and back. “Snipers get ready to take out the command and well get the troopers over.” Anakin said in the comm. Unit. “Roger snipers ready on your mark over.” The sniper said. Anakin waited for a few seconds that seemed like hours. “Commanders in the open, fire for effect NOW.” Anakin said. In a seconds time red laser bolts came out of hiding striking the five commanders with the deadliest of precision. “FIRE CASTIN” Anakin said. Castin aimed the E-Web right into the center of them and fired in a wave. Anakin came to the side of him grabbing his E-Web and opened fire. Already three groups of forty were being dwindled down and the smart ones took cover and returned fire. Scarlet laser bolts flew threw the air and Castin looked at the time. “EXPLOSION AT 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 FIRE IN THE HOLE.” Castin yelled barely able to hear his own self. Anakin and Castin ducked as the explosive they had set rocked the command center turning it from a solid building to a crater. Suddenly a whole bunch of explosions and fire was being created from the west end. The GF in that area were doing their jobs. Castin looked up and saw two wings of TIE fighters and a wing of bombers. “FLIGHT GROUP FLIGHT GROUP ANTI INFANTRY BOMBERS, CAN YOU TAKE THEM OUT?” Castin yelled. “Roger on way.” A voice that sounded like Gryphon's replied. Castin saw the TIE Bombers turn back around but then laser bolts struck one of them sending it to the ground and making the rest go into evasive but they lasted seconds. Suddenly enemy E-Web cannon got a lock on the two and fired unrelenting scarlet blasts into the surroundings of the two. “Crap where’s that coming from?” Anakin said. Castin shrugged, ducked and put his infrared goggles on and looked around. Suddenly, in a building on the third floor, fourth window, from the right he could see the gunner shooting at him causing him to duck. “Sniper one enemy E-Web pinning us down middle building third fourth window from right do you have a shot, over?” Castin said over the comm. “Negative view obstructed ask sniper two.” Sniper one said. “Sniper Two?” Castin asked. “I see him taking care of problem.” A voice said as a streak of red scorched the sky into the building and the E-Web was gone. “Thanks TWO.” Castin said as he and Anakin continued to fire. “ENEMY MORTAR INCOMMING ALL FORCES DOWN.” Ecnerwal screamed over the comm. Unit. Castin and Anakin ducked and Castin could see enemy mortar fire start pounding the ground “They’re hitting their own men enemy fire is off.” Anakin said. “Yeah he’s probably adjusting, they do…” Castin was cut off when a heavy white object landed on his head, the only thing that kept him alive was his own helmet. “CASTIN!” Anakin said as he grabbed his friend who was in a mild state of shock. Castin blinked his eyes, squinted, cursed then looked at what hit him. “Is that a….storm trooper’s helmet?” Castin said. Anakin grabbed a stick and twisted it around; the helmet was empty but red all around in the inside. Castin and Anakin both looked at it wide eyed until a mortar landed and they went back to firing. “Group one, this is group two, charges set in camp one through five one more to go keep them busy and clear your area were coming through there.” Ecnerwal said. Anakin looked over at Castin. “Sir that is not advisable we have heavy mortar fire in this area I repeat heavy mortar fire.” Anakin said. Suddenly a large explosion rocked the other end of the camp. “Mortar fire ceased we are coming through.” Ecnerwal replied. Anakin and Castin laughed and kept firing. The buildings that held the resistance were not really buildings anymore. Explosions and laser fire had laid waste to them quickly even though they weren’t firing all that much. E-Webs had some nice firepower in them and Castin didn’t really mind the fact that imperials had designed them. “Ok we are coming up lay everything you got on the enemy to the sides and give us cover we are converging on your spot now.” Ecnerwal said. Castin and Anakin turned to their sides and repositioned their guns and fired upon everything that moved. Castin fired on a hovercraft that exploded sending out many troopers, some on fire to the ground. Pretty soon the insertion team came running through the debris of the initial firing area. Just as the last few of the troopers came out stray enemy fire along with mortar fire hit right behind them severely injuring one of the troopers and the others were helpless to rescue him. “MAN DOWN MAN DOWN, MORTARS EVERYWHERE ALONG WITH ENEMY FIRE.” Ecnerwal screamed. Castin looked up and saw the man screaming clutching his leg. Ohh no his leg is broken through the skin and he’s bleeding all over. “Ec I’m going in I got best chances.” Castin said. “ARE YOU NUTS, STAY HERE CASTIN.” Anakin said. “Negative to dangerous, well get him don’t worry.” Castin cringed “WERE COMING STAY STILL.” Castin said. Grabbing his rifle Castin lifted himself up in a pounce position. “Castin, CASTIN.” Anakin said but it was too late. Castin charged out of cover toward the wounded person and almost instantly red bolts were tailing him from behind dirt was hitting him and a rock hit his face in the left check, the ground danced around him and a few blasts flew by him. fire came in front and on the sides. Castin kept running at incredible human speeds and jumped down to the wounded guy right as a mortar hit about fifteen feet behind him. “ARE YOU OK, ARE YOU OK?” Castin asked. “MY LEG.” The man replied. Castin looked down and saw that it wasn’t broken the only thing holding it on was a little bit of skin. Castin took off his combat jacket and wrapped his leg in it and started to drag him out. Crying and moaning in pain the guy with one good leg started helping him. All friendly fire came to a hail and Castin couldn’t remember seeing any enemy lasers but mortars everywhere. Castin dragged him as fast as he could behind a rock and rested for a second then carried him closer to the team. About fifteen feet away another man that looked like steel ran up and aided Castin and the wounded man. They got him behind cover and Steel and Castin hit the ground like a Bantha thrown form a ten-story building. Gasping for air and looking around People were applauding and then he saw Anakin running up to him. “You crazy Hutt butt I ought to slap the sith outa you.” He said as he ducked and dropped Castins equipment bag in Castin lap. “Come on guys we gotta go Castin, Anakin, steel, and I provide cover the rest of you go.” Ecnerwal said. The medics carried the wounded man off the field first while Ecnerwal got a charger from his pocket and prepared it. Ecnerwal pressed a button and five charges went off inside the compound blowing all the camps. “We win again.” Ec said. The four fired down on more storm troopers while the others evacuated and when they were well into the dense trees they backed out. Castin ran with them and stopped and set some charges on the trees and primed an ignition switch and took cover. A moment later he could hear scrambling footsteps of the pursuing enemy. Castin stood up and waved at them “Hey fellas.” He said making them stop. He quickly ducked and set the charges off. He looked back up and there were no troopers left. Castin slung the repeater rifle he had over his shoulder and kept running. He caught up with the other three and they continued until they reached the evacuation shuttle. Getting in Medics were tending to the care of the guy but he was thrashing around violently having a hard time getting him subdued Castin went over and tried holding him down talking gently to him “I’m going to die aren’t I?” The man said in a panicked voice. “No your not gonna die these people are trying to help you sit still so they can get Bacta on your wound your ok you hear me?” Castin said. The medics were struggling cause the man kept kicking at him until subdued and tied down. The man kept struggling and Castin could see blood coming out of his mouth then the kicking got lighter. “Were losing him.” The medic said. “Don’t listen to him your fine alright?” Castin said. But still the kicking resided and he went still. Castin loosened his grip and lifted his upper body up and let go of the body. The man died, lost too much blood by kicking and shaking. Castin looked up at the medics as they put a blanket over him and then to his side where all the men were watching. Castin clenched his fist and slowly got to his seat, and locked himself in and never said a word or moved until they got to the Reckless. Castin couldn’t help thinking that if he didn’t struggle he might still be alive. This was going to be a simple operation but it turned out worst-case scenario. You did your best its not your fault at all. Castin thought to himself and looked down and closed his eyes. Ecnerwal put his hand on Castin's shoulder and patted him. 

Chapter Two: Back to the Reckless 

“Attention all NRN personnel attending the meeting: you have five minutes or you will not be allowed in.” A woman’s voice said over the comm. unit aboard the ship. Castin had dressed himself up in his Ground Forces LT Commander uniform and shined his boots before walking outside. He could see some people going to the meeting and then saw an old friend of his. “TERKUSS.” Castin shouted. The man swiveled around and smiled. “Castin my boy! How are ya? where ya been? looking good!” Terkuss said. “I’ve been busy with things I'd tell ya but then I’d have to kill ya.” Castin said as he smiled. Terk laughed a little and the two walked down the corridors to the meeting. “We miss ya in flight group man. How’s Ground forces treating you?” Terkuss asked. “It’s been good the food is a lot better too.” Castin said. “It's good if you don’t mind eating dirt with it.” Terk said. “Hey at least I don’t have to catch mine floating in the air.” Castin quickly replied. “Hey that only happened once.” They were referring to the time they had made a dare to put food in a zero gravity chamber and see who could eat it all, the only bad part was Das walked in and turned the grav off making a gravy substance fall on his shoes. No court marshals but the two had to scrape Mynocks off the reckless for two months. They shared a laugh and the door to the meeting slid open. They took their seats, which were side by side and got their Data pads out. Admiral Das came to the speaker booth and saluted. Suddenly in unison the entire staff at the meeting stood up and saluted and then took their seats. “Greetings to everyone here meeting is now started. I have a few announcements about the upcoming tournament SW for our flight division. But that is to come.” Das went on and then came the group leaders and then to ground forces. Hope stood up as Ecnerwal gave him a data pad. “Uhh thank you all. For first business we would like to announce new recruits into the ground forces. Names are not yet available but some of them are in here. Could you please stand up and let yourself be known please?” Hope said. Soon after, seven people stood up. “Let’s salute these guys and wish them all good luck.” Hope said. Everyone stood facing them and gave them a salute and the sat back down. “You can be seated now.” Hope said to the seven. They saluted and took their seats, some of them red faced. “Now, on to bad news. We lost a man a week ago in the field his name was Utar Haglom.” Hope said and was cut off by gasps and murmurs in the audience. “Funeral process will be held in two days. Now for something special, in the attack where he died, a man selflessly risked his life to try to save Utars life. Under heavy fire and mortar explosions he charged without stopping to rescue him and dragged him back to his fellow comrades. An act like this takes very outgoing courage and dedication to your fellow man and going above and beyond any and all calls of duty to help. For this, The New Republic Ground Forces rewards you with the Star of Honor-the greatest reward given to personnel. Castin come up here.” Castin looked surprised and then tried to smile but the memory of Utar dying in front of him killed it. Castin stood straight and walked with precision military style up to the booth. Hope nodded to Castin and pinned his medal, then saluted. Castin saluted and then the entire audience clapped and saluted. Hope stood aside and allowed Castin the right to the booth. Castin really did not want to talk about it but it was tradition. Castin cleared his throat. “Um, well, I wish Utar was still here but unfortunate circumstances prevented that. He served his with the best attitude as any of us and became an unfortunate casualty. We do not really need to call him a casualty as he is not. He is a hero. Biggs Darklighter, Jek Porkins, Lujayne Forge and all the other and will be honored in the same ways. he was a good man who didn’t deserve to die but that should and does go for everyone who has fallen in the war against the Empire but we know he will not have died in vain. Thank you everyone.” Castin saluted Hope one more time and then walked over to his seat. Hope and other admirals talked through the meeting and when it was over, Castin was asked to stay for High Command meeting. This he knew was going to be something, considering no one his rank or position was allowed to go. He remained seated next to Terkuss until it started. “Castin I’ll bet you're wondering why we kept you here.” Das asked while Hope looked at him with a smile. “Uh yes sir I was wondering.” Castin replied. “Our last XO in MAD resigned from his position and we have been discussing it and we want you to take the job.” Hope asked. “Well now, Castin, are you going to take your bright shiny new spot?” Terkuss said without missing a beat. Castin, amazed, was able to let to his first real smile in a week. "Looks like I'm your man sir." Castin said. "Now gentlemen we have business. First of all we need to be briefed about your operation, Castin since your the only one here who was in it looks like you're the man to debrief us." Hope said. Castin took a drink of the Caf the droid brought in for everyone there and pulled out his data pad. "Yes I thought you would ask for it so I made it last night." He paused, waiting for everyone to settle down. "Last week as you all know, ground forces and air forces destroyed an imperial training base in Ambria. Six ground force troopers and six Wraith squadron personnel were in the attack. I, along with Anakin, were charged with setting a satchel charge in a shield generator cleverly disguised as a command center. After we set the charge, we rendezvoused with the rest of the group and we were left to operate two E-Web guns on Imperial storm troopers doing their daily drill. Once the explosion commenced, we poured everything we had on the troops along with sniper support taking out a good number of the enemy but we estimate over one hundred ninety of them left alive. Mind you, we were facing over five hundred so that number isn’t quite so bad, but I think we could have done better. Injury reports one fatality, two concussions and a Wraith squadron pilot sprained his ankle on the ladder getting down from his craft but is all right. The assault took forty five minutes from beginning to end and besides the casualty it went smoothly like planned.” Castin finished up and sipped a cup of his Caf. “Well done Castin. Now Ecnerwal we have been finding things like this all around the galaxy including prisoner camps as old as the battle of Yavin. Just recently intelligence has unearthed something I think you should take a look at.” Das flicked a switch on the holo projector and a planet came up. “This is Ossus, a remote almost unforgotten planet that has had good enough activity to attract our attention. We sent a recon droid to take a look at activities in that area and found this. ”. The holo projector made an image of a camp but then it became obvious that it wasn’t just any camp. “This is a prisoner camp that we estimated has been there since Hoth. The droid took a closer look and got into the compound and out counting the number of prisoners to well over seven hundred.” Das said. Terkuss, Ecnerwal, and Castin dropped their jaws at that number. “Which is why I am tasking your man Krakaboo along with Castin is to take Blood angels, and MAD to get in, get the POW’s and get out and let us perform Aerial bombardment of the base. This will be effective in a few hours. Inform all your men Castin, I’m not going to be able to go. Under any other circumstances I would, but I, along with all admiralty are going to Coruscant for a week to debate top secret issues.” Das finished up. “No problem, sir. Take it easy and if you can, get some Coruscant bourbon for me.” Castin said as Terkuss nudged him with his elbow. “Uhh and Terkuss too.” Castin finished up. Terkuss looked at Das and smiled. Castin turned his head to his friend LongShot and spoke. “Methinks Terk has a screw loose LS.” Castin said giggling a little. “Trust me, Castin I’ve lived with him for a while he DOES have a screw loose.” LongShot replied smiling as Terkuss looked over to Castin. “Not just one, buddy.” Terk said. “Gentlemen, any question? No? Dismissed.” Das said. Everyone saluted and walked out the door. “Castin, ASAP inform everyone in MAD what’s going to happen, I’ll do the same for Blood Angels. Get every man in your group that can make it, prepare and remain on standby and get their gear packed and ready no alcohol or anything of any kind, standard procedure. Welcome to the GF Command, Since Wild Card is on leave, you will be temporary CO until his return got that?” Ecnerwal said. Castin saluted. “Yes sir, I’ll have MAD in tip top shape in a matter of hours.” He said. Castin proceeded to the crew quarters where MAD and Blood Angels and probably many more GF were lounging about, having fun and some were drinking. Castin went up to Raslan about to take a shot of Corellian ale and took the shot away and stood on the counter. “Hey Castin, what the hell?” Raslan said confused. Castin, as soon as he got up on the table, addressed the crowd. “MAD squadron Personnel minus Das and Sienar are to report to ready room for briefing, no more drinks.” Castin said as he drank Raslans shot and jumped down from the table. Everyone in MAD started leaving and then a young man approached Castin and Saluted. “Sir I am cadet Gladin Halo Newly assigned to MAD.” The kid said. “Welcome aboard Gladin, I’m temporary CO Castin Tainer. Our CO is on leave traveling to his sick uncle.” Castin said. “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, sir I’m afraid I have no idea where the ready room is.” The kid asked. Castin smiled. "I'm heading there with my squad. Come on tag along Gladin." Gladin ran right behind Castin until they reached their destination. Inside was an arsenal of almost every rifle and ground gear known to man and non-human alike. Gladins jaw dropped open the second he saw it, the room was absolutely huge. Walking over he grabbed a Class Two backpack like all the others did and examined it to see if all the equipment was there. The contents of a Class Two backpack was night vision goggles, a vibroblade, gloves, 2 days supply of foodstuffs and water, a datapad with a compass unit attached, a holdout blaster, a camouflage cover and other small things. After he checked the bag he put it on and went to the bandoliers where Castin and Longshot were talking and filling up the bandoliers with ammo packs. Castin, had two he was using to put in repeater ammunition and Longshot was doing the same with his stormtrooper rifle equipped with a scope for sniper support. Grabbing one of the bandoliers, Gladin was stopped by LongShot. "What weapons are you going to use, kid?" LongShot asked. Gladin stopped and shrugged. "I thought any bandolier worked for holding ammo sir.” He said. LongShot grinned and spoke "First of all, don't call me sir. Its LongShot, pleasure to meet you. Now grab your designated weapon if you dont know what that is go to the tech droid right over there." LongShot said. Gladin looked over to the droid, nodded at LongShot and walked to the droid. "Kids full of pep alright." Castin said jokingly. "Yeah I think we all did the same our first mission." Longshot replied. Castin snapped the final ammo pack to his last bandolier and put them on his waist and one over his right shoulder. "That’s true I'll admit my first op wasn’t the most precision accurate fight I’ve ever had" Castin said. The two walked over to the weaponry and loaded up, one stormtrooper rifle, a blastech 44 and thermal detonators for LongShot and a repeater carbine, blastech 44, thermal detonators and a “Demomans Special" side pack for Castin. The "Demomans Special" was slang for a variety of explosive charges and triggers in a bag. The one he grabbed was small since this wasn’t a demolitions mission and he really didn’t want to blow up any buildings with POW's in it. Suddenly the two heard a loud voice of a man. "ADMIRAL ON DECK." Gladin said aloud. Everyone looked at Gladin amusingly and then stood at attention. "At ease troopers, ok listen up for those of you wondering why wer'e putting you in all this here’s why. We have found an Imperial prisoner of war camp. Now this isn't any POW-camp this has been around for probably as long as the empire. You will not be told what planet this is until debriefing to keep security safe. Once you get in you will rescue the hostages and get them to the evacuation shuttles. You will be going in on two Lambda shuttles and a dropship big enough to carry the POW's will be at your rendezvous point in space." Das said. Hope walked in front of him and began his speech. "Now remember guys a lot of these people probably dont even know that we have blown up two Death Stars, and crushed the Imperials into small bits. So try not to alarm them to much and dont blast the first thing you see. As soon as you and the POW's are safe we will land the evac shuttles and get you out understood." Hope asked and was soon answered by everyone in the room. "Now you will not be dropped instead we will shoot a grapple down and you will slide down and proceed and when you get the hostages you will call upon the evac ship to drop." Hope looked at them all and smiled. "What a hell of a job this is." He said. Without hesitation some smiled and sang the song they usually did before an operation. glory glory what a hell of a job this is, glory glory what a HELL OF A JOB THIS IS, glory glory let us praise the nrn, for we shall be ever strong. Krakaboo sang it while he made final preparations on his gear and ordered his group to do the same. Pretty soon the singing went down and they marched single file to the shuttles. 

Chapter 3: The Making of Heroes 

Twenty troopers in two lines of ten marched in unison into the landing crafts. Castin leading one line Krakaboo leading the other. As Castin was marching he couldn't help but notice all the different ranks above his. Man these people are all ordered to follow Krakaboos and my orders. Dont get distracted and you will do fine and so will they. "Board dropship ONE group one." Castin said as he waved his hands. "Board dropship TWO group Two." Krakaboo said. The two gave each other a glance and then saluted each other. Everyone except the CO's Castin and Kraka sat down and got themselves secure while the two men secured all of their mates. The new recruit was panting heavily and was shaking and Castin had forgotten this was his first engagement. Castin secured Raslan and gave him a mock salute and walked over to Gadlin. "Gadlin are you ok? You look a little bit shook up." Castin asked. Breathing heavily Gadlin looked up and spoke. "Sir I dont think I ever have been this scared in my life." Gadlin replied. Castin grinned lightly and patted the mans shoulders. "It's ok to be scared were all scared but just think clearly keep your eyes peeled and head down and you will do fine." Castin said as he locked Gadlin into position and nudged his rifle a little farther out behind his back. "I did that two my first few jumps." Castin said. "Thank you sir." Gadlin said. Castin smiled at the young ma and stood straight and saluted him. Castin took a seat right next to Raslan and Durrron and a tech came to secure him into position but Castin was not locked in all the way just like all COs do. Once he sat down he remembered his first drop. The rescue on Chandrilla the same missions where he was accepted into Freedom Squadron. He could see the faces of the men and women who came in and did the job, some came out but others didn't. 

In Krakaboos dropship he had done the same thing helping everyone get tied down and ready for liftoff. Taking his seat HardTarget next to him spoke up. "Hey Krakaboo what about our motivational speech?" HT said jokingly. Krakaboo stood up and spoke. "Well everyone just be on the lookout, dont blast the first thing that moves and be smart and you’ll be seeing home again." he said. "He he quite the motivational speaker aren’t ya boss?" g0thic said jokingly. "Someone slap him in the back of the head." Krakaboo said as he turned around to face the other end. A thud was heard and Krakaboo smiled. "Thanks, now everyone this shouldn’t be hard at all just be there for each other and help the POW's all you can." Krakaboo said as he saluted. Everyone saluted him and he took his seat and keyed the comm. unit on the wall. "Were ready craft one and two lift off to the system." Kraka said. "Roger evac ship is now entering hyperspace. It should be a four hour journey so get comfortable." A voice on the other end replied. Suddenly a jolt made everyone shake and it was silent for a few seconds. That was an indication to them they were going on a four hour ride before they arrived. Some of them slept others told jokes and the rest of them were applying camouflage paint on their faces. Krakaboo just sat there the whole time in a deep trance of thoughts. He had felt kind of guilty because he didn’t leave a message to the fleet to send to his parents if he died and if he did how would they know what happened? And the fact that he knew he had got everything and checked his gear four times he still felt like he was missing something. No that’s nonsense man you got everything you just got the jitters. The rest of the flight went quick. Kraka talked about things with the people next to him they shot the breeze, told Myknock jokes and even got some rest. Hours past before anything over the Comm was spoken. "Attention GF troopers in t minus one minute and thirty seconds we will go into hover mode, shoot down cables and let you grapples to the surface. And we will liftoff to orbit." The guy said. "Ok GROUP TWO GET READY." Krakaboo said as he flipped the switch to let everyone loose. They got final check on their equipment and lined up behind Kraka. Suddenly the doors on the shuttles opened up and ten cables fired burying themselves into the ground below. Kraka looked over and saw group one led by Castin already beginning their descent. "Ok groups two on my mark get attached now." He ordered. One by one they hooked themselves up and got ready. The light next to Kraka went green and Kraka lifted his arm and raised it and lowered it twice. One by one they jumped until they were down onto the planet surface. 

Castins group had landed safely and their ship was already going out to orbit. Castin made a few motions with his arms and the groups split up and secured the perimeter for group two. Casting keyed his comm. "Ok flight two givem the green light area secure." He said softly. "Roger green light engaged you got company coming down." The pilot said. Castin looked up right as the last cable was shot into the ground and then he saw them jumping all at once. Castin while ducking ran over to where Krakaboo was gonna land and waited till he was down. "How was the landing pal?" Castin asked. "A little to fast for me but were down." Kraka said. "You have the tactical map right Kraka?" Castin asked. Kraka pulled out his datapad that had the map already on it. "Ok that dot right there is us and that blue blob is our appointed destination. This camp is bigger then I planned, so what we will do it we will take our two teams and do recon over the area and gather Intel and then at night we will strike." Castin said. "You’re the boss Castin right before I left I got an update that I couldn't send to you. You're now MAD's CO.” Kraka said with a smile. Castin wide eyed took a deep breath and inhaled slowly and let out a small laugh. “Well I guess that is news. Ok get your men assembled were going now. We have a few klicks to walk until were there, you can talk but not very much try to limit yourselves.” Castin said. Ten minutes later they were walking in a tight group weapons ready but not at shoulder, except for Gladin who had his rifle at the ready. Hard target saw him and walked over to him and tapped his shoulder. “Your about as nervous as a Mynocks kid, its alright you can lower you gun nothings gonna happen the enemy is more than likely not going to have any patrols along this far out.” Hard target said. Gladin looked at him and to his front ignoring the statement about him being as nervous as a Mynock but he did have to agree that chances were that there was no reason to be so nervous and they probably wouldn’t see anything for a while. Castin smirked at Gladin as Longshot came over to him. “Hey Cas I hear your CO of MAD now that true.” LS asked. Still new to the idea of him being a CO it took him a while to respond. “Yeah I’m CO I guess.” Castin replied. LS smirked “May the force save us all.” LS replied as he pulled two Coruscant cigars from his pouch and handed one to Castin. Although they couldn’t light it, the cigars gave off a wonderful taste and were one of the few things like that, which wasn’t harmful to your health. “Ahh reminds me of home sweet home.” Castin said. LS and Castin looked to the side and saw Krakaboo running at them. “Enemy TIE fighters.” Kraka said. Castin whistled and raised his hand and lowered it in a spread formation. As soon as everyone saw that they took off into brushes and trees to take cover. Castin and LS hid under a log and were able to see two squadrons of TIE fighters buzz by. It was over just as fast as it began and everyone lay there until Castin got back up and made a motion for everyone else too. “Do you think their scanners picked us up?” Kraka said. LS checked to see if anything was laying where he hit the floor and back up to him. “More than likely not, were twenty people in a forest with probably well over twenty thousand creatures minimum on it were just a small blip in an ocean of them.” LS replied. Castin took the cigar and put it in his pocket and started up the shield around it so that it wouldn’t get crushed and motioned everyone forward. Everyone came up and kneeled in a small circle around him. “Ok were probably close to the camp so here’s the plan group A with five people Anakin, Gladin, LongShot, Hard Target and myself are going to get close to the compound and get the location of the camps where the prisoners are being held. While the rest of you provide cover should we need happen to need it. Now don’t fire at the first thing only if your lives come into jeopardy or ours. Any questions? No? Good now get to a well-covered area but be sure to have a good view of everything you can especially us, now lets go. 

It took twenty minutes but they reached the compound. This was a huge compound bigger than anyone expected. Some military units were stationed there that was no surprise to Castin but what had bothered him was the TIE fighters they had all seen. I don’t see any air pads this isn’t right something is very wrong. Castin glanced over behind him and waved his hand towards him and four people emerged and came to him. “Ok people get in download schematics and get out now don’t attack unless provoked. If so try using Vibroblades to take down your prey ok now follow me and keep your head down.” They all formed up behind Castin and made their way to the fence guarding them. The fence was a shield that wasn’t an entire dome but just a ten foot tall wall that encircled the compound. As they approached Castin pulled out a small EMP device. Although it’s puny size it could knock out a force field for ten seconds allowing small objects such as blaster fire, grenades, people through the field. Castin attached the thing to the shield and put on a pair of goggles that allowed him to see the EMP take effect on the shield. This was very important because some shields could cut an unsuspecting person in half if it closed around him. Once the EMP was attached and detonated they had twenty seconds to get through before the field shut itself and it was such a small hole it would not report being hit or anything and if it did it usually made it took like a common thing. As they rushed in towards the compound they stopped at a comm. Center relay station and Long Shot and Anakin got their stuff ready to download data about the area. Castin opened the door slowly and equipped his vibroblade just incase he saw anything. Long Shot walked over to a door and was about to open it until a storm trooper came through. Long Shot lunged at him and buried his vibroblade into the mans neck and pulled it away from him. The trooper tried to kick away and scream but all he could make out was a drowned scream and he fell to the floor. Castin and Gladin busted through the door guns drawn and spotted three other troopers. “DROP YOUR WEAPONS AND GET ON THE GROUND NOW.” Castin yelled. Scared, two of the troopers slung their weapons to the ground and went to the floor putting their hands behind their heads but the third didn’t do the same. Castin looked over in time to see the third man pick up a woman in dirty loose clothes and put a blaster to her head. “DROP YOUR WEAPON YOUR OUTNUMBERED.” Castin said. The trooper let out a laugh. “I’ll kill her I’LL KILL HER.” He said. Castin raised his weapon to the mans head. “Last chance pal you don’t want to try me.” Castin said. The trooper laughed and aimed the blaster at Castin and it was the last mistake he ever made. The girl took advantage of this and stomped on the mans foot and hit him in the chest and dove away. Without hesitation Castin put one blast into the trooper’s neck area where it was less guarded. The man jolted and hit the floor in less than a second. The woman cowered at a corner and started to cry. Castin realized she probably never has seen anything like that and her life came into jeopardy. Castin walked to the lady and offered his hand. She was about his height of six foot tall and had blond hair and green eyes the clothes she was wearing were that of prison garbs that were stained with mud, blood of different colors and more. The lady saw him reaching for her and backed up and covered her head with her hands. Castin withdrew his hand “Ma’am? I am Castin Tainer of the New Republic Navy Ground Forces; we are here to rescue you and the other prisoners.” He said. The woman looked up and smiled. “You are here to rescue us?” she asked and Castin nodded his head and smiled. Slowly the woman extended her hand and smiled to. “May I Ask your name?” Castin asked. The woman smiled and wiped the last tear away. “Kaci Lightchaser, from Coruscant.” She said. Castin noticed she was in good health and she did not have any noticeable wounds but asked anyway. “Kaci are you hurt? Do you need any help?” Castin asked. Kaci shook her head. No actually they just caught me trying to escape.” She said with a defiant smile on her head. Suddenly Long Shot interrupted. “Castin this is not good come take a look at this.” He said. Castin stood up and went over to Long shot where he had just hacked into the system. As he took a look he noticed Long Shot was white as a ghost. “They just destroyed our way out and to make matters worse we just received company. I’m counting two super star destroyers; five give or take many more star destroyers, several frigates and an interdictor cruiser. One of the supers just started landing troops and other various AT units down ETA five minutes. My guess is it’s an invasion force, not for here but where I have no clue.” Long Shot said. Castin was about to reply when Gladin busted through the door in a slight panic. “Castin we have troopers moving in to our position my guess is they heard your shot.” Gladin said. “Well this is not good ok everyone fall back fire at will. Kaci can you fire a weapon? And you Gladin tie up these troopers NOW.” Castin said. Kaci said she could fire a gun so Anakin picked up a storm trooper rifle and handed it to her. “It’s ready to fire ma’am so be ready.” Anakin said. Gladin got up from tying the people up and the got ready to leave. 

From the cover of the bushes everything seemed fine from where they were. Group one had just infiltrated their first building and for a few seconds it was all quiet. Suddenly he saw a flash in the rear window. Ok something just went wrong this was supposed to be a simple recon mission and even though its one shot it still can jeopardize them. “Krakaboo to Anakin are you all ok?” Kraka said over his comm. It took a second for him to reply. “Yeah were good here suspect neutralized all is ok.” Anakin said. “Ok copy.” Kraka said. The building next to the comm. Relay station’s doors opened up and fifteen armored stormies came walking out toward the building. Kraka made motions for everyone to get ready but not to fire until his mark. Suddenly a loud whooshing noise came from behind and then Kraka saw Raslan along with G0thic move to engage a convoy craft approaching. One blaster went off and all was silent until G0thic came running to Kraka. “Sir we just secured an arms convoy along with foodstuffs, weapons, ammo and grenades.” G0thic said. Kraka glimpsed and saw the stormies coming closer and then his comm. Unit cam alive “Kraka this is Anakin our only way out has been destroyed and a major invasion force is coming down reason: unknown get your men ready to fall back but wait for us over.” Anakin said. Kraka could not believe what he just heard. Kraka made a few motions for everyone to get ready to leave in a hurry and provide cover for the rest of the team down below. Blasters at the ready aimed at the stormies they were ready to strike with precision accuracy but something from the sky distracted Kraka. As he looked up he saw many air transports for large AT units such as AT-AT and AT-ST alike and a few that could hold many troopers. “Anakin we got reinforcements about to land right on you get out now.” Kraka said. Almost as soon as he said that the door slid open and six figures slowly came out and were spotted by the stormies. “OPEN FIRE.” Kraka said to his team. They didn’t hesitate before two E-Web guns came down on the stormies. “ALL EXCEPT THE E-WEB GUNNERS PULL OUT TO PRIMARY RENDEVOUS POINT NOW.” Kraka yelled. Everyone except the two gunners and Kraka stayed. Kraka armed his Bow-Caster and shot a storm trooper on a roof killing him instantly. After he glanced he could see five figures running to the shield. The man in front threw a small device at the shield that blocked their way out and dive underneath and they all did the same but one had to get help. Another stayed behind shooting gold waves at the stormies offering backup to his mates. That’s gotta be Castin there. He thought to himself as he concentrated three round bursts into the crowd. A few green blasts later from his Bow-Caster he could see Castin running at top speed and dive, tuck, and roll and ran up to the point where they were meeting. Kraka looked up to see a wing of TIE fighters zeroing down on them. One of the E-Web gunners aimed up and opened fire on the lead TIE. One shot hit the left wing of the fighter and the next hit right into the ball. Although the E-Web was not the perfect TIE weapon a few well placed hits made the inner ball of the TIE explode in a fireball inside the cockpit killing the pilot instantly. "FALL BACK EVERYONE LETS GO MOVE OUT GO GO GO." Castin yelled. The Gunners Raslan and Ace0 started to fall back just as a few blaster bolts came streaking into the logs covering them. Castin jumped, ducked and rolled behind the log and returned fire spraying gold waves of death at his enemy. he saw a few go to the ground and others take cover. Castin stood and started running towards LongShot, Anakin and Kaci and caught up with them in no time. Kaci was panting hard along with everyone but was still able to keep up. Fear struck her eyes as she saw more cargo being delivered to the world and as TIE fighters along with bombers circled above. "Just keep in the trees they wont see us and I dont think they are desperate enough to bomb us yet." Anakin said. Kaci heard what he had said but was to busy to show much emotion. Pretty soon they came around a large rock where all the party was gathered beside a large grav sled that had some crates on them. "Ok you guys we got a plan theres a large cave about fifteen clicks away and this thing is fast enough to carry us all there in an hour which beats walking we also got foodstuff and blaster carbines and ammunition not to mention concussion grenades and a few imp anti vehicle rail guns." Kraka said. Castin took a look at it and let out a very small smile. "Well I'll be damned looks like we get an advantage afterall." Castin said. "Ok E-Web gunners one to the front and one to the back everyone try to get a good position where you can see and fire just as easily." Castin ordered. They all got on and found a good spot to sit and watch for the enemy and the E-Web's got setup on crates. The grav sled kicked off and they were on the move to the caves. Castin looked to everyone who was with him. He could see the ranks of everyone of them, some where lower and some where higher than his and to him it felt kind of odd to be ordering generals commanders and all the such even an admiral around but it was his responsibility to keep them alive and no matter what he thought he had to act with the squad and not be the squad himself. 

Aboard The Reckless. "ATTENTION PERSONEL WE NEED ADMIRAL DAS AND CAPTAIN HOPE COME TO THE TECH ROOM IMMEDIATELY CODE RED." A voice said over the comm. Unit in the flagship and pride of the NRN the Reckless. The two met simultaneously and exchanged glances as a Twilek male came to greet them. "It's about our mission in Ossus. We might be comprimised. The Twilek said. the two exchanged glances of worry to eah other and hen turned to the man. "Tell us more now what happened." Hope said. The Twilek nodded and spoke. "I think the transmission we recieved will help and answer as many questions as possible." As they walked in two others were getting everything ready and then snapped to attention. "Sirs we recieved this about an hour ago it was a distress call from our evac ships." The man said as he flipped a switch that brought up a man in dire panic. 

"This is evac shuttle we are comprimised I repeat two super star destroyers, numerous star destroyers and gunships along with an interdictor cruiser just jumped in sytem. They are dropping supplies of sorts to the planet below and we just started taking fire. We lost both troop shuttles and were about get it pleas send h............." 

The message was cut off indicating the ship was probably destroyed or disabled. Das's heart immediately sank to his feet and hope dropped the cup of Caf he was sipping and cursed at himself for doing so. "We have an emergency tell all pilots to go to the breifing chamber and I mean every single one. The ones that can't fit into there will be put in the meetingroom and will be briefed about what has happened. signal all NRN warships to coem to our coordinates obviosly this is an invasion force taking a pit stop we have got to tell them troopers down there to try to make a nig enough nuissance to keep them there." Das said. The Twilek saluted and ran to the comm area and the other two went off in other directions. "May the force be with us all." Hope said. 

Chapter four: Interlopers. 

Aboard the Super Star Destroyer Mantis Admiral Gramal sat patiently in his command seat. The man sat with an eerie presence and a stern look on his face. The man was a tall thin man with a black mustache and a baldhead. The man worked out regularly and thus was a very built kind of man and just being stared at by him would intimidate the average man. His blue eyes were like that of ice crystals on Hoth and his personality was just about the same. Gramal had served with the imperials since right around the time when the first death star had blown but he was a TIE fighter pilot in another part of the galaxy when that had happened. Thus over the years his keen intelligence and ruthlessness earned his first command position and he kept going up in the ranks. One of his best and most heard of accomplishments is when he had ordered fifteen TIE interceptor pilots to storm a city absolutely covered with air to air and he said if they failed not only would he have their families killed but everyone else in that wing. The squints took over the town with only one loss thus creating urban legends about him and his ferocity. As he took a small sip of his stim tea he ran over a checklist of all the ships that were in his command. Four lancer frigates, one interdictor cruiser, five star destroyers imperial class, and two super star destroyers plus ten thousand storm troopers and one thousand AT class war machines on the ground only seven hundred operators on the ground, and over seventy TIE squadrons everything is going as planned Gramal thought to himself. The only thing that chewed at him was where did those rebel shuttles come from and what were they doing near this planet. Two of them could carry other personnel and the biggest one could fit over a thousand people. Then it hit Gramal like a ton of bricks “They were going to try rescuing the prisoners and we were lucky enough to catch them.” He spoke to himself. A younger man walked up to the admiral and saluted. Sir the way we hit the rebel shuttles gave us only an indication that there was a crew of five each aboard the shuttles from some distress calls we picked up but no signs of other crew or equipment cannot be found sir.” The man spoke. “The admiral made an evil grin that made the younger man shutter. “And you don’t think that the casualties we already have suffered make an indication that there is life on the planet?” The admiral asked. Confused the man spoke. “W…what are you talking about sir?” The man asked. Angrily the admiral spoke. “There was a shooting that resulted in the death of forty troopers. A few died when a grav sled hauling supplies came under attack and the rest came when a group of five along with a prisoner who recently tried to escape DID escape.” Gramal said. The younger man thought for a while and then spoke. “I can go planet side sir and oversee the destruction of our unwanted guests sir.” He spoke. “Very well Mecc I assume you also want to try your Sith abilities out as well?” The admiral asked. Mecc looked up with a smile. “I do sir.” Mecc said with an evil smile on his face. “IGF command troopers are going down in a half an hour better grab what you need. Now GO.” The admiral said. The boy is good with the way of the dark side but his arrogance is not something I like and it will get him killed by either my hands or the rebels. Keying the comm. Gramal wiped off all emotions from his face as the ground commander came into view. “Sir you wanted to speak to me?” The commander asked. “How is the situation on the planet commander Eklin?” The admiral asked. “We suffered a few losses and we haven’t got a clue where they are at but we will fin them. I also took eight thousand troopers back up to the other super star destroyer because I found the need for them on the planet useless.” Eklin said. The admiral made a stern look. “Now spare me the other nonsense and contact me when they are destroyed they have made a mockery of you and I and I see it humiliating that they made it out with no loss.” Gramal said. The commander saluted. “We have three platoons of fifty men each searching the planet and will find them soon.” Eklin said. “Very good dismissed.” The admiral said. The view screen disappeared and Eklin was alone in his office again. The Commander sat down in his seat and rubbed his face. 

Castin and the rest made it to the caves with no trouble and they ditched the grav sled over a nearby cliff. The planet had many cliff faces and was also very dense in jungle vegetation which could make hiding easy. Back at the caves they had all gotten their gear set and rested for a while and thought about what just happened and what they were gonna do. 

“So our only escape has been destroyed and presuming they sent a distress call, the NRN fleet wouldn’t get here for days probably weeks and who knows if they know that up above us is a fleet big enough to overrun a planet.” TheFish said while playing with a stick. “That’s just about the story Fish.” Castin said. “Ohh yeah like we have a choice other than sit here doing nothing? There’s thousands of them and how many? Ohh yes twenty of us.” Fish replied. Castin in any other case would have told him to step down but he knew the severity of it as well as Fish did. “Were a small fast moving group that can hit hard and get out before they know what happens. And we just have received an update eight thousand of the troops and about three fourths of the AT units are back up in space that means our survivability has increased quite a bit.” Anakin said. “So what are we gonna do go in guns blazing towards two thousand imps and AT units?” Fish asked. Castin scratched his head and shook it. “No we separate the forces and make them weaker. On your map Kraka I saw a few roads, Kaci do you know what they use them for?” Castin asked. Kaci looked up and yawned. “They use that for transport of equipment and soldiers between facilities.” She said. Everyone looked up at her and could not believe what she had just said. “There’s more facilities?" Castin asked. "Yes three that I know of two communications arrays and one military building." Lindsey said. Castin paced for a few seconds scratching his head. "A big salute goes out to the NRN intel division ladies and gentalment." Castin said in the highest extent in sarcasm. "We plant bugs in one of the arrays and attack the military building." Castin said. LongShot looked up. "Castin I'm sorry I don’t follow you." He said. Castin smiled and kneeled down. "If we plant spy equipment into their communications we can know what they do when they do it giving us a great advantage. After that we figure out how to strike and destroy as much of the military compound as possible." Castin said. "He does have a point gaining some good Intel would give us a better chance on survival and we would know how many we are facing at the complex." Ion said. Castin always knew Ion to be the kind of person to look at both ends so he prepared himself for the other side of things. "Of course how do we plan to attack? They might have shield generators. And one more critical problem.....we have no spy or any gear like that" Ion said. Kaci shook her head. "The arrays don’t have shield cover but the military base has a shield generator to the south about three fourths of a mile away from the base. Hit that and their shields go down and you can attack." She said. Castin spoke up after her. "And some of us went through our new property and found some buttons." Buttons were Intel terms on an imperial device that could be put in the back of any type of transmitting device and give the host unlimited access in the activities. each bunch of buttons came with intel gear. "Well then first things first we get a two man team to bug the outpost. Now the trick of it is that we cannot have any casualties but I'm guessing its not all that heavily defended." Castin said. "True kill any of them and they will notice and were blown." Fish said. Kaci spoke up. "I just want to know if it makes any difference on which one we bug." LongShot asked. Kaci shook her head. "No there both the same they have two just incase one is disabled." She said. Castin grabbed his pack and stood up. “Ok guys we have got a busy day ahead of us Fish and LongShot you are in charge of planting the bug as soon as you do that we will all rendezvous near the military compound where G0thic and I will set a charge to destroy the shield generator. I’ll set it for a 10 minute charge giving us some time to get back and ready. If the shield goes before we get there don’t waste time on us just attack and hit everything as hard as you can but more than likely resistance will be low. I want ten people to be carrying the rail detonators we just captured for buildings and possible AT units more than likely all they will have is AT-ST and AT-PT units inside a large storing facility. Hit that and are chances of going home are greater. We also have an advantage of it being night for a few more hours so lets use that. Any questions? No ok then lets move.” Castin said. They all got up and equipped their stuff and got necessary supplies. LongShot and Fish gave their weapons to Kaci and HardTarget for safe keeping. The two armed only with vibro blades moved towards the area with three others and it took an hour to get there. LongShot equipped his infrared goggles and put them to no wall mode so he could see all troopers in a large radius. “Fish guards three of them on the other side no other personnel in the array room center lets move.” LongShot said. Gladin stayed behind along with Anakin and Castin standing guard. Gladin put on his goggles just like everyone else and watched the compound area, “Si…uh I mean Castin three other stormies to the north.” “Got it keep an eye on them.” 

LongShot couldn’t believe this. In his career as a sniper and getting the callsign “LongShot” he was here bugging equipment. LongShot brought out a kit that opened the door and slowly he opened it taking a look. “The guards inside here must be on a break or something but keep an eye out.” LongShot whispered to Fish. “Got it.” Fish replied. The comm. Unit in his pocket started to vibrate so he answered it. “Fish here what’s going on?” Fish asked. “Fish hurry up three officers are moving your way get in and get out the sun is now starting to come out and you will be vulnerable again so hurry.” Castin said. “Got it LS is going steady should be done in a few seconds.” He said. LS nodded his head and stood up. “Castin where they at were coming out.” Fish said. “Don’t move find a cover NOW.” Castin said in a panic. Fish and LS didn’t waste a second and LS dove into a room with a deactivated droid in it then LS noticed that the room had no door so he crammed himself into the corner. Fish hid under a table that had a slant overhang on it covering his small body quite nicely. Three stormies stepped into the room and took out illuminators that made the room shine just as brightly as the sun and walked to the table to check some data cards on the table. Fish’s heart started beating as fast as it possibly could until the clanking feet walked away and he let out a silent and slow sigh and wiped the sweat off his face. 

LongShot could hear the clambering of six feet come his way and he knew that they were going to inspect the room. Frantically LS looked around and found an open vent next to him big enough to hide in so he jumped in and ducked. After a few seconds he could see the glow lamps almost over him and just like Fish his heart started to pound out of his chest then he heard a stormie acknowledge something and the light faded. Seconds dripped into hours and then fish came into the room whispering for his LS. “I’m down here.” LS said as he slowly stood up. Fish helped him out and then keyed his comm. “Castin all clear?” he asked. “Roger, go now.” Castin replied. Fish and LS opened the door and at a crouch ran back to the others and kneeled beside them “Ok bug planted were on schedule so far.” LS said. “Yeah lets go another hour until we get to the shield generator. 

Aboard the Reckless the New Republic Navy Capital ship, Hope and Ecnerwal along with every other admiral besides were discussing the matters at hand. “So they have Four lancer frigates, one interdictor cruiser, five star destroyers imperial class, and two super star destroyers. Plus ten thousand storm troopers but only two thousand on the ground and one thousand AT class war machines on the ground. The good part is that only seven hundred of the operators on the ground, and over seventy TIE squadrons in the destroyers. Gentlemen we have a crisis here. If we go to rescue these people which we WILL this will not be any picnic.” Das said. Hope stood up and spoke. “Admiral although I do agree I have run an analysis of the planet and low and behold they have ion turrets as well so if we go in were going to be at the merci of the ions turrets and…” Hope was cut off when a droid came in and demanded to speak with Das. Das leaned forward and his expressionless face turned into surprise. “Ground forces are still alive and have made a strike at the imps down there.” Das said. Everyone started talking and praising but all were glad that they were ok. “What did they strike against?” Ecnerwal asked. Das made a look of confuse. “For some reason they hit a military compound holding a good part of the AT units and if the droid isn’t mistaken the battle is still waging. The funny thing is that they totally missed the radar and communications arrays.” Das finished up. Hope scratched his chin. They attack a military and strategic compound without hitting their communication so they cant send for… “They’re playing war games admiral.” Hope said. The admiral along with everyone else went silent and looked at him confused. “Say again Captain? War games?” Das said. “Yes sir here’s what they are doing. They just hit a strategic are for the imps but they didn’t take out their communications.” Hope said. “Well how do we know if they knew they even existed?” Das asked. “Good question but my theory is that they wanted to hit that area hard to send troopers from point A to point B...Can't you see? They are going to stress the units out as far as they can so they might be able to strike at the main facility. If they take control of the facility they can turn the air turrets, ground turrets, and ion turrets especially." Hope finished up. Das took a drink of his tea and spoke with interest. "I see your point very clearly Hope but now we need to find a way to communicate with them." He said. "We could get a small craft like an A-Wing into the area, skim the planet surface with radio signals and get out an A-Wing alone could outrun much of what they have including AA turrets and that interdictor cruiser and escape from the far end of the planet." Ecnerwal said accidentally interupting all of the admirals. Everyone looked over at him making Ecnerwal go red and embarrased. Terkuss looked at him and smiled in a sarcastic way. "And who would be crazy enough to do a suicidal stunt like this? It's for a lack of a better word impossible and all to risky." Terkuss said. Ecnerwal smiled. "I am a Rogue and my job is to do the impossible I volonteer to send a craft in, send radio frequences on all nrn commlinks on that planet and get out." Ecnerwal said. Das smiled. "Your tenacity amazes me Ecnerwal. We will modify an A-Wing to make it faster and have a class five comm chanel on it. Now people the rest of the ships are going to come in the next three days. Ecnerwal will leave in twenty four hours in time for our best techs to make the craft that you can pilot. May the force be with us and those on the ground. 

Castin and the group got to the shield generator and got ready to attack. all they had to do was run in there kill anything that resists and once the bomb was planted detonate it from a safe place and rendevous with the group for the attack. Castin put the Demomans special on his back and suited up. "Ok I run in first. the second you hear a shot come in after got it?" he said. they all nodded and LS got his scope and sniper accessories off his carbine and got ready. Castin took a canister labeled "Smoke", flipped a switch then threw it and almost instantly about fifty yards away the area clouded up. Castin took at a full run with blaster at the ready and charged through the smoke up to a small hill where a storm trooper was investigating the happenings. The trooper took a crack shot at Castin that missed